The Purr-fect Place for Your Pet to Play

Get complete pet care in Middletown, Red Bank, and Surrounding Areas

Maybe you travel for work for a couple days at a time. Or possibly a family emergency has come up and you need to be out of town for more than a week. Whatever your reason, you need to find a qualified pet-sitter, and you need one fast.

If you need a place to board your dog or cat, Bow Wow Bed and Bath has the services for you. Whether you’re leaving Middletown, NJ for a few days, running errands for the afternoon or need someone else to give your pet a good cleaning, we can make sure your pet is taken care of.

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4 reasons to take your pet to Bow Wow Bed and Bath:

  1. Take your dream vacation and rest assured your pet will be taken care of
  2. Give your pet an opportunity to socialize and release energy
  3. Make sure your pet stays out of trouble when you’re away for the day
  4. Get your pet cleaned and groomed

Call 732-671-1862 now to schedule day care, boarding or grooming for your dog or cat.

Book a kennel for one

If you’d like to schedule grooming or boarding for your pet, please call 48 hours in advance. To ensure the health and safety of the other animals in our care, we ask that you make sure your dog is healthy and vaccinated before dropping her off for daycare or boarding. Un-spayed female pets are welcome as long as they are not in heat.

Choose Bow Wow Bed and Bath today to get comprehensive pet care for your dog or cat.