Q – Do I need to bring my own food?

A – It is not necessary. We feed Neutro Max as our “house” food (Adult formula). If you have a puppy or a special needs dog then we suggest you bring your own food. We also recommend it if it is your first time boarding or “Fido” has a sensitive stomach, keeping the food the same helps reduce any extra stress. You may bring special treats, and we do have a refrigerator for any food that may require it. We ask that you pre-pack and label the food and or treats.

Q – Can I bring my dog’s toys or bed?

A – Only beds small enough to be washed. Toys are allowed, but are not recommended. We disinfect daily and toys tend to get in the way. We are not responsible for lost or damaged toys.
a. Label all bedding

Q – My pet takes medicine daily, can you administer medicine?

A – We can, and will administer meds. There is a fee to administer medication or give shots.
We ask that if you know your dogs will take his meds with cheese only; then please bring the cheese. Please leave detailed instructions; Label all medicine.

Q – What does my dog require to stay?

A – We require proof of current shots, and we must be able to handle the animal. It is your responsibility to make sure your dog is up to date on their vaccinations the shots must be given at least 10 days prior to arrival. For the protection of your dog and the other dogs boarding we cannot accept pets whose vaccinations are not current.

We require proof of the following vaccinations, administered at least 10 days prior to boarding.


  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Distemper

  • Feline Rabies
  • Feline Distemper

Q – Are the kennels air conditioned or heated?

A – Yes the kennels are heated and air-conditioned.

Q – I have a small dog, I am worried he may be scared of the big dogs, do you board them together?

A – We have a separate area we board small dogs, puppies, and elderly dogs. We will recommend it for you if we think your dog needs it. Feel free to ask.

Q – How long have you been in business?

A – We have been in business since 1998.

Q – Will my dog be with other dogs?

A – Your dog will have his/her own run. They do not share a run with other dogs. The only time your dog will be with other dogs is if you request yard time with other dogs. Your dog must be friendly and not dog aggressive. They MUST be neutered or spayed as well.